Class Actions

San Diego Class Actions Lawyer

If your employer has broken the law and you have been treated unfairly, you may be surprised to learn that a class action lawsuit is easier that you thought, and more effective.

You have rights as an employee, and they should be enforced, even if your losses have only been minor. If others have been treated the same way, they may be "similarly situated" to you, and potentially joined with you in a class action.

As an example, say you have been classified as exempt even though your duties are not managerial, and you have not been paid overtime for the long hours expected of you. If a company policy classifies others besides you in this way, they may be similarly situated. You may not think a lawyer will take your case because it is not about a large amount of money. Think again.

How Does a Class Action Work?

You do not need to run around recruiting people to join your lawsuit. Your lawyer doesn't even need to do this. Rather, if there are others similarly situated and you or someone else serves as the "representative plaintiff" there are mechanisms to notify other members of a class.

Talk to us about your employee misclassification case. You may not be as powerless as you have felt.

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