Wage Issues for Managers

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Are You a Manager Working a Lot of Overtime?

Wage Issues for Managers in California

Line manager, assistant manager ... sometimes these job titles are a promotion, sometimes they are just a way to give an employee more work for less pay.

Managers are generally "exempt" employees. That means they do not get overtime pay for overtime hours (working more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week). But are you actually doing a manager's job? Or are you doing the same work as an hourly employee but working more?

At the Law Office of David P. Strauss, we represent managers who are being treated unfairly in wage and hour cases. This is far more common than you may think, and it's an increasing problem as more and more low-level employees are laid off and managers are called upon to do their work.

If you believe your employer is taking advantage of you by denying you overtime pay, contact our San Diego law office to schedule a free initial consultation.

Examples of Managerial Duties and Wage and Hour Disputes

The determination of whether you are an exempt or non-exempt employee depends upon the nature of your job, not your job title.

  • Has your employer sent hourly employees home to save labor costs but then expected you to do their work?
  • Do you spend more than half of your time doing non-managerial work (work a line employee would do)?

If you are now manning the cash register, stocking shelves or in some other manner doing the work of a line employee more than half the time, you are now wrongly classified and you should be paid overtime pay for overtime work. Overtime pay is one and a half to two times more than regular hourly pay. It can be a substantial amount of money.

Commissions and Incentives

If you have been misclassified and you should be receiving overtime pay, employment lawyer David Strauss will review commission earnings, incentive earnings and managerial bonuses. This additional income should factor into overtime pay calculations.

Changing Your Classification Does Not Mean You Lose Management Status

It's important to remember that a job title and job duties are not the same. You may still be called a manager and be a non-exempt employee. Regardless of your job title, you should be treated fairly and paid correctly by your employer. Contact our employment law attorney for a review of your wage and hour dispute and for strong, effective representation if you have a case.