Wage Issues for Sales People

San Diego Sales Wage & Hour Law Lawyer

Are You a Sales Employee Working a Lot of Overtime?

Wage Issues for Sales People in California

Sales people, even executive sales staff, may find themselves with wage and hour claims, commission and bonus disputes, and other employment law problems. Common sales staff problems include:

  • Not being paid the proper commission
  • Not making the state-required minimum wage
  • Working overtime without pay
  • Pay stub violations

At the Law Office of David P. Strauss, we represent sales employees with wage and hour cases. If you believe your employer is taking advantage of you by manipulating or withholding proper payment of commissions, incentives or bonuses, contact San Diego employment attorney David Strauss to schedule a free initial consultation.

Can You Tell from Your Pay Stub If You Have Been Cheated?

Are you suspicious that you have been underpaid? Look at your pay stub. California law requires your employer to accurately list the factors that add up to your pay: base pay, commissions, bonuses, incentives, overtime pay... all of these must be listed. If they are not, or if you cannot figure out how the employer has calculated what you are to be paid, this may be a sign of a violation of California wage and hour laws.

Pay Calculations

Admittedly, sales employee compensation can be difficult to understand. Inside sales people differ from outside sales people. Salaried employees are treated differently than straight commission, salary plus commission or hourly plus commission employees.

How do you know if you are being treated unfairly and cheated out of pay you should be receiving?

  • Are you making less than minimum wage once overtime is figured in?
  • If you have been paid overtime, was that overtime pay rate figured solely on your base salary without commissions?

You deserve to be treated fairly and paid correctly by your employer. Contact us to ask a lawyer to review your potential wage and hour law claim and for strong, effective representation if you have a case.