Wage Issues for Technology Employees

San Diego Exempt v. Non-Exempt Employees Lawyer

Are You an IT Employee Working a Lot of Overtime?

Misclassification of Technology Employees in California

In the technology field, a 40 hour work week is an anachronism, but it shouldn't be because there are specific California employment laws that apply to different classes of IT people. These employees must be paid for every hour they work:

  • Software or hardware troubleshooters
  • Most programmers
  • Help desk workers
  • CAD technicians
  • Tech support staff
  • IT technicians
  • Network administrators

Are you working 50, 60 or 70 hours a week with no difference in pay? Are you regularly expected to work through meal times and to skip breaks? These are red flags that there is a misclassification of employees and that your employer may be cheating you out of the overtime pay you deserve.

Deadlines are not a valid excuse for failing to pay you properly.

At the Law Office of David P. Strauss, we represent IT people who are being treated unfairly in wage and hour cases. Misclassification of IT employees is far more common than you may think. If you believe your employer is taking advantage of you by classifying you as exempt when you should be hourly (non-exempt), contact employment attorney David Strauss to schedule a free initial consultation.

IT Workers and Exempt / Non-Exempt Status

Many people assume that an exempt employee is any "professional" employee. This is not the case. You may be a professional IT person and still be a non-exempt (hourly) employee. Your job is classified based upon your job duties, not your title.

  • A programmer position may be exempt or non-exempt, depending upon the job duties. Straight programming work is non-exempt and you should be paid overtime if you work overtime. If you do high level programming work combined with other job duties, you may be an exempt employee.
  • Are you a programmer who also does a great deal of trouble-shooting? Trouble-shooting is non-exempt. You should be paid overtime.

Regardless of your job title, you should be treated fairly and paid correctly by your employer. Contact a lawyer for a review of your legal situation and for strong, effective representation if you have a case for misclassification of IT employees. We handle cases on behalf of individual employees as well as groups of employees.