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If you’re being harassed on the job, you deserve support

Even though you’re working with the CEO of your company, that doesn’t mean you’re immune from harassment. Every time you walk into the office, you hear people making jokes about you. Some have suggested that you “slept with the boss” to get ahead. Others claim that you were only put where you are because of your race and that the boss didn’t want to seem prejudiced.

At the end of the day, you know that you are where you are because of the hard work that you put in and the time you’ve been with the company. Unfortunately, the nastiness of your colleagues is weighing heavily on you.

Is there anything you can do about peer harassment?

In this case, you may have the ability to do something about what’s happening, because crossing the line by suggesting you slept with the boss or that your race has anything to do with your position is discriminatory. Inappropriate sexual jokes about you may be classified as sexual harassment, while remarks about your race may be discriminatory, especially if you’re treated differently by your colleagues because of them.

It’s a good idea to talk to your employer and to your human resources department about what’s going on, so that they can step in and put an end to those comments. If the harassment continues despite HR or your employer talking to the employees and asking them to stop, then you may be in a position to take your case further.

Our website has more information on sexual harassment, discrimination, harassment and what you should do if you’re struggling due to these issues.