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Whistleblowing Is Honorable – We Can Help Protect Your Rights

A whistleblower normally is an employee who identifies illegal activity in the workplace (such as ignoring health and safety concerns, forcing drivers to drive over-scheduled hourly limits, or cheating customers). Similarly, qui tam laws permit and encourage private citizens (or “relators”) to bring an action on behalf of the government against a person or company that may be defrauding the government.

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Qui tam case
A qui tam lawsuit is typically brought by the government against a company after a private citizen has identified to the government the corrupt conduct. Very often, the person reporting fraud against the government (the qui tam plaintiff) is a company employee, but almost anyone can bring a qui tam case. Whistleblower protection remedies under the qui tam statutes protect a qui tam plaintiff who is terminated in retaliation.

The relator in a qui tam action is the first one to bring the case to the government. There are rules which protect the confidentiality of a relator.

Whistleblower claim
Typically a whistleblower is an employee who has complained about illegal activity practiced by his or her company. In California, a whistleblower can complain internally to his or her own employer or externally to government agencies that might have an interest in the illegal activity. A whistleblower often finds him or herself suffering retaliation in the workplace or termination.

Know your rights under California’s whistleblower protection statute and the law. Contact our California whistleblower claim attorney to discuss your potential whistleblower case or qui tam lawsuit.