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Commissions are an effective way to motivate salespeople and other employees to accomplish sales goals. They are frequently paid in addition to a base salary, although sometimes they are not. They are not guaranteed, however, so employees may not receive them, and not earn a good income.

Employers set up their pay structures, not the employees. They must, however, comply with California law. One such law requires a minimum wage, and many commissioned employees do not earn this minimum even with their base pay plus commissions. The employer then may be violating the minimum wage law.

Failure To Pay

It is tempting for employers to benefit from the high sales or other accomplishments of employees and then find a way to avoid paying the commission due, via employee termination. If a salesperson leaves employment for some reason, he or she often has difficulty obtaining the commissions earned before leaving. Sales forces see a high rate of turnover, partly due to high expectations of the employer. It is not uncommon for salespeople to separate from an organization under these circumstances.

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