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You should feel at peace in your workplace, free from racial discrimination that threatens your rights. When employers or coworkers have broken laws and policies set in place to preserve these rights, an experienced employment attorney can help make your voice heard.

At The Law Office of David P. Strauss, we offer counsel and representation in discrimination matters for workers throughout San Diego. Founding attorney David Strauss understands what it takes to be a great advocate when his clients face the damaging effects of discrimination.

Know Your Rights – Attorney Strauss Can Help

There are many acts that could classify as racial discrimination in the workplace. These acts may include:

  • Unfair wage distribution or fewer benefits for a certain race
  • Unnecessary discipline
  • General biased behavior
  • Refusing to hire an applicant because of race
  • Segregating workers

Despite laws that prohibit this kind of employer and coworker behavior, racial discrimination is unfortunately quite common. The Law Office of David P. Strauss can help you build a case that seeks justice for your mistreatment.

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Do not let these acts go unanswered. The state of California and the federal government prohibit them. Learn more about how an experienced employment lawyer can help you fight racial discrimination in the workplace. Reach out for a free initial consultation by calling 619-704-2998 or using our online contact form.