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Fighting Discrimination On The Job To Protect Workers’ Rights

Was it workplace discrimination when your employer, supervisor or teammate treated you differently than other workers because of who you are? They may have refused to hire you because of your race or sex. They may have demoted you or kept you off prestigious projects because they believed you were pregnant or disabled. They may have objected to your clothing, earrings or choice of days off that reflected your religion. Perhaps you overheard harmful gossip about you having to do with your medical condition, marital status or veteran status.

The bottom line for many workers is this: You know workplace discrimination when you see it or experience it. What to do about it is the question.

Who can help you overcome discrimination on the job? At The Law Office of David P. Strauss in San Diego, you will find an experienced, dedicated workplace discrimination lawyer and team who start every case from a place of respect. Attorney David P. Strauss and all of us at the firm admire your courage to stand up for your right to equal treatment at work. We can assist you in reclaiming what has been taken from you by way of workplace discrimination.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Workplace Discrimination?

With a strong focus on helping employees overcome discrimination in the workplace, attorney Strauss advises many who have been wronged through:

  • Disability or handicap discrimination
  • Age discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Sex discrimination and equal pay
  • Religion or belief discrimination
  • Sexual orientation discrimination
  • Medical condition (cancer)

If you have already experienced injustices on the job through employment discrimination, you may wonder what to do.

How Do You Prove Illegal Discrimination?

With our help, you can recognize and document evidence of wrongdoing. We may advise you to keep a log of interactions, gather contact information for co-workers who can corroborate your story, and assemble items such as emails, meeting agendas and company newsletters that may support your claim.

We can guide you in preparing to report the discrimination to the right authorities and, if necessary, take further legal action.

What Happens Before And After You File A Workplace Discrimination Claim?

If you become clients of attorney Strauss, we will help you take the necessary steps toward finding relief, including:

  • Reporting racial or religious discrimination to your supervisor
  • Presenting evidence to your company’s human resources department or ombudsman
  • Reporting your case to appropriate state and federal agencies
  • Testifying in hearings if necessary
  • Preparing to file a lawsuit in a state or federal court as appropriate
  • Filing a claim and working with your attorney to resolve the case

We can help you fight discriminatory practices and unfair treatment you have suffered, such as a hostile work environment including verbal harassment, pay cuts, loss of benefits or removal from choice committees, or a move to an undesirable office location. We will help you show that your gender, race, age or disability had an impact on the rewards and adverse actions that your job has offered. A successful case outcome might include restoration of your more favorable status at work, recovery of back pay and, possibly, punitive fines for your employer.

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