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Contact our California unfair wages attorney if you are an employee who seeks experienced assistance concerning issues of missed meal breaks, overtime pay and other unfair employment law practices, including legal malpractice. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your potential legal claim.

There are two components to unfair wages cases. There is the discrimination statutes that discuss unequal pay, and then there is the failure to pay overtime that involves wage and hour statutes. Employees often are forced to work hours in excess of eight hours, or off-the-clock, and forego overtime pay as conditions of continuing employment.

Another unfair wage issue that often arises is that of improperly classifying exempt employees. Especially in California, retail employees who have the title of manager or assistant manager may spend more than half of their time doing non-managerial work such as customer service, sweeping, cashiering or stocking shelves. This is fine if the person is being paid overtime when worked, but is unlawful when they are not.

If you’ve noticed nonpayment of your overtime hours you may have a wage claim. Contact our San Diego employment lawyer today. We can help.