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You deserve compensation for the hours you work. Whether you missed wages, earned commission, breaks or you were improperly classified by an employer, The Law Office of David P. Strauss has the experience and resources necessary to pursue your due payment. Attorney Strauss has an extensive background in employment law across an array of legal issues.

California Law Protects Your Rights – So Will We

Our legal services extend to the following wage/hour issues and beyond:

  • Overtime – When you work more than eight hours in a day and more 40 hours in a week, you deserve to be compensated. We can help you determine whether you need to take action for missing overtime wages.
  • Commissions – The same goes for earned commissions. Failure to pay commissions may be violating California minimum wage laws.
  • Exempt Employment Misclassification – Misclassification can rob workers of their due benefits and rights as an employee.
  • Wage/Hour Disputes – There are California laws that protect you regarding breaks, proper wages for hours worked and more.
  • Unfair Wages – There are numerous ways employers can distribute wages unfairly, including discrimination against a race or sex.

Whatever your situation, we know California law and how to build a case when employers have violated the employment rights of their workers.

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