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Frequently Asked Questions On Whistleblowing

If you believe you have incriminating information about an employer or co-worker, you likely carry a heavy burden. At The Law Office of David P. Strauss, we understand the situation you face and what steps you should take. We often hear these questions related to whistleblowing:

If I suspect my employer or manager of illegal or unethical behavior, who should I contact?

You should report your concern to the nearest level of management or HR representative (unless you suspect they are involved in the behavior). You may need to notify law enforcement or other government entities. Our office is also prepared to walk you through the right steps, just reach out.

What if my employer or a co-worker responds to my complaints with threats?

How you respond may depend on the type of threat. If you feel in danger of immediate harm, you should contact law enforcement and an attorney. If an individual threatens your job or wages, as with any wrongdoing, you should contact a supervisor or HR manager.

Also, keep in mind that any retaliation on your part could complicate a potential case. It is best to act as calm and collected as possible.

If I report my boss for wrongdoing, will I lose my job?

While it is possible to lose your job, there are severe penalties for any California employer that fires an employee based on whistleblowing. There are federal laws that also protect you. Additionally, you may take additional legal action if this occurs.

Am I protected from retaliation for whistleblowing?

California and federal law provide protections for whistleblowers who identify illegal workplace conduct.

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