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Is your promotion hinged on sexual favors?

It can be heartbreaking when you find out that you have to meet some disagreeable conditions before getting a promotion at your job. Your boss or employer may demand sexual favors in exchange for a promotion. As a result, you might miss out on that promotion you have always desired if you decline their demands.

In such a case, what are your options?

You may be a victim of sexual harassment

Workplace sexual harassment goes beyond catcalling, groping or even sending inappropriate messages. You could be a victim of quid pro quo sexual harassment if your supervisor uses their position of power and influence to bend you to their will.

What can you do about it?

Any form of harassment is illegal under California law, and you need to protect your rights if you are a victim of such indirect sexual advances.

Filing a sexual harassment claim with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) should be the first step. The DFEH will investigate your case and get to the bottom of it to try and resolve it.

The agency may also issue you a right-to-sue notice if you prefer to pursue the matter in court instead of using the DFEH procedure.

Will you lose your job?

You cannot lose your job because you filed a sexual harassment claim against your employer. If they fire you or take any adverse action because you filed a harassment claim, it may be considered an act of retaliation, and it is unlawful. Your employer could face additional sanctions on top of the harassment charge.

It can be rather unfortunate if you are a victim of sexual harassment at your job, but you need to stand firm against the perpetrator and safeguard your interests. Learning more about what the law says and how to deal with such cases might be useful in helping you get the justice you deserve.