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Can an employer change my job if I get pregnant?

One of the happiest days may include the one you discover a bundle of joy is coming your way. You may want to broadcast the news to everyone, with one exception: your boss.

A stigma about pregnant women in the workplace may exist in some industries such as hospitality and theme parks. Can an employer force you to change your job while pregnant? What protection do pregnant women have against discrimination at work?

An employer may not force you out of a job even temporarily

Some positions may wind up too dangerous for pregnant women, and as such, you probably do not mind stepping aside to take care of yourself. Police officers, for example, do not work the streets while pregnant. If your job is one which poses a physical danger, your employer may temporarily shift you to a safer alternative. However, if your job is safe, you do not have to change positions if you do not want to. Employers cannot force the issue.

You do not have to tell your employer about your condition

When you cut right to it, pregnancy is not something you have to disclose. While it will become noticeable at some point, an employer cannot ask, and you do not have to confirm. However, an employer does not have to afford you protection against harmful conditions if you hide the pregnancy.

You have the right to get a promotion while pregnant

A concern employers may have while an employee is pregnant involves her willingness to return to work after. Some women choose to stay home after giving birth while others continue working with no issues. Thus, an employer cannot assume you will not return or will wind up coming back distracted. If you qualify for a promotion while pregnant, your employer cannot deny you the bump up based on your baby bump.

Pregnancy should not cause you to worry about your employment status. Knowing your rights when it comes to what an employer can and cannot do during this time of your life can help you recognize signs of discrimination.