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Can your employer fire you for getting pregnant?

You were excited to get your positive pregnancy test results, and you quickly spread the good news to friends, family and co-workers. You were beaming, and you thought everyone would be happy for you.

You were going about business as usual when your boss pulled you aside. He said he needed to see you in his office for your quarterly review. Shortly after that meeting, you had a box of your personal belongings and were being escorted out of the building. You were fired.

Your boss claims that you were fired for poor performance reviews, but this was the first time you had any negative reviews at all. You think it was just a convenient way to get rid of you, since you’d be taking maternity leave in a few months. What should you do? Are you a victim of pregnancy discrimination?

It may be discrimination, but you will need supporting documents or statements

This could be a case of pregnancy discrimination, but if you want to prove it, you need to make sure you get the right information. For example, did one of your co-workers overhear your boss getting angry about your pregnancy? Did you get held to the same standards as others in your business in terms of mistakes and opportunities to correct them? Are you fit for your position?

There are a lot of questions to ask to determine if this is a discrimination case. Our website has more information on making a claim and what you can do to build a better case against your employer. If you were wrongfully terminated or discriminated against, you may be able to seek compensation.