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Domino’s ordered to pay claim for female-on-male sexual harassment

Female-to-male sexual harassment against men is less common, but that doesn’t mean that it is less damaging. Regardless of the gender of either party involved, sexual harassment is illegal on a state and federal level. 

In the past, male victims of sexual harassment may not have chosen to speak up because of shame and fear that they would be disbelieved — but that may be changing.

Domino’s Pizza franchisee ordered to pay $165,000

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) sued a franchise owner of Domino’s Pizza in Sacramento, California on behalf of a delivery driver. The delivery driver was a male and his manager, whom he accused of sexual harassment, was a woman. After attending mediation, the franchisee agreed to pay damages of $165,000

This recent case was concluded on June 2nd, 2021. This illustrates the sad reality that men are still suffering from unwanted and uninvited sexual harassment on the job. The director of DFEH commented, “…employers must prevent and remedy harassment regardless of the gender of the employees.” The threat can be even more devastating when it is one’s manager, supervisor or boss who is actively harassing. 

3 reasons to come forward when you’re the victim of sexual harassment

Coming forward and refusing to suffer in silence accomplishes three things:

  • Send a clear message: It gives a clear signal to employers that there are consequences for breaking state and federal laws.
  • Preserve your self-respect: Secondly, it helps those that have been on the receiving end of sexual harassment to regain their self-respect by speaking out.
  • Be an inspiration: Thirdly, coming forward gives inspiration and courage to those that are debating to speak up or remain silent. 

It can be confusing to know exactly what laws were broken, either state or federal. However, if your instincts are telling you that something is wrong, it probably is. If wondering if your case has merit, it is often helpful to seek legal counsel that is experienced in sexual harassment cases at work.