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Position deleted: A look at age discrimination in technology

The California tech industry, known for its innovative spirit and lucrative job opportunities, has a persistent and troubling issue: age discrimination.

Federal safeguards exist, and California offers even more discrimination protection, but even so, it continues impacting employees. The result? Invaluable technology workers over 40 are marginalized, undervalued, and often pushed out of their careers due to ageism.

Signs and potential consequences

Age discrimination can sometimes manifest overtly, but it can also happen in various subtle ways within the workplace.

Older employees may notice a gradual shift in their responsibilities to less challenging or even menial tasks. They may receive unfounded negative performance reviews, be denied access to training opportunities, or be overlooked for deserved promotions and raises.

The consequences can be profound, not only for the individuals affected but also for the tech industry as a whole. It often means experienced professionals struggle to keep or find employment due to biases that consider 35 too old for the technology field.

Legal protections and the path forward

California’s legal framework, including the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), protects those experiencing ageism. Victims may pursue remedies such as back pay, compensation for emotional distress and legal expenses.

More importantly, the steps harmed employees take now can lead to policy changes that protect everyone from age discrimination.

Until the tech industry confronts its biases and embraces the value seasoned professionals offer, victims must rely on the law for solutions. If you feel you are experiencing age-related mistreatment at work, do not be afraid to exercise your rights. A legal representative can show you how.